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There are only a couple of things I've finished to a state where I feel comfortable releasing them. You may also want to look at my current projects and tools to see what I'm working on, as well as things I have worked on.

Assembly Line - 0.04
( Posted on 2005/11/20 )
( Environment: AMD64 Only! (sorry) Linux, SDL )
This is based on a game I played on the Apple ][e, oh so long ago. I don't actually remember much about it, so this is mostly based on the concept. This is a binary only version at this point, and AMD64 only. Hopefully it will work for a few people....

MULE - 0.61 - TOX 0.06
( Posted on 2005/11/20 )
( Environment: Linux, SDL, SDL_mixer )
This is my third release of a port of MULE to Linux and SDL. There are a handful of fixes over 0.05, but not a whole lot else. You must have SDL_mixer (I'm not sure what exact version you need, but no longer need 1.2), and SDL. Type make from the top directory and things should build. "cd media; ../base/mule" to run.

This version is based on the 0.61 release by Toni Rasanen. The original DOS version can be found at It is licensed under the GPL.

Sound sucks... sorry. I may fix it some time. I've forced it to use ALSA, rather than OSS, because OSS was failing... not sure why.

Older versions:
Screen shots:

Quick Font - 1.00
( Posted on 2004/03/20 )
( Environment: Linux, SDL )
This is a quick implementation of a variable width font text output routine for use with SDL. It is conceptually based on KBFLite by Phoenix Kokido, but it fixes one major drawback... adding new fonts was difficult. I called it qfont, which stands for Quick Font, but qfont is already used by other projects, such as QT (among other things, probably), so be careful.

It includes three fonts. One (very very tiny one) of my own creation, and two others based on Gimp fonts.

( Posted on 2002/11/03 )
( Environment: Linux )
This is a quick DAT file extractor for Fallout 2, one of the best games of all time! You need a compiler and zlib. This is even less pretty than the mapper, below, but again, functional.

Astar - 0.x
( Posted on 2002/04/06 )
( Environment: Linux, ncurses )
I did this litle demo to make sure I could implement the A-Star algorithm. It is not very pretty, but does what I needed.

Tetris - 0.5
( Posted on 2000/03/26 )
( Environment: Windows 9x, DirectX )
A standard tetris clone, without sound. Plays pretty well. Last update modified a whole slew of things.
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