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Random Script
( Posted on 2009/10/15 09:30 EDT )
If you happen to need to figure out when a process was really started, and ps doesn't give you enough info... I've got the solution:

echo `awk '{print $22;}'</proc/{pid}/stat` +
     `grep 'btime' /proc/stat | awk '{print $2;}'` |
bc |
perl -e 'print scalar(localtime(<>));'

eMusic spam
( Posted on 2008/12/04 22:49 EDT )
So I just received spam from an email address dedicated to a signup (that I never really completed) with eMusic. Fuck, I hate that.

Not sure what I'll do about it. I had problems with my Ameritrade email address being used by stock selling scammers... sent several emails to Ameritrade, and I think it actually was better. That was quite some time ago. I guess that means I should do something about it...

Website update plans
( Posted on 2008/11/04 22:55 EDT )
It's been a really long time between updates. I'm planning on making a number of changes soonish. I'll probably add a commenting system, I'll probably reorg the whole site to be more keyword-based, and I'll probably try to link my other presences on the web.

Also, I'm going to try to make more casual posts here, to keep the content fresh. We'll see where this goes.

I'll probably also post a proof of concept Python chess program I wrote, just to try out Python, as well as a Lua version.

I should also start adding more of my example code for things, that I'd been thinking about doing quite a while ago...

Linux filesystem corruption
( Posted on 2008/11/04 22:34 EDT )
Okay, I've been battling this hd corruption problem... didn't know what was going on, and the collective wisdom of the internet has failed me.

If you are doing something like 'mount -o rw,remount /foo' and get a response like 'mount: block device /dev/sda11 is write-protected, mounting read-only', and your syslog says something like 'ext3_abort called.' and 'EXT3-fs error (device sda11): ext3_remount: Abort forced by user'... you are hosed. The only way to resolve it is to reboot. :(

There is a set of flags for the superblock of the filesystem, in the kernel structures, called 's_mount_opt' which can get the 'EXT3_MOUNT_ABORT' flag set, which won't get unset, until reboot.

fubarred transition by NaviSite
( Posted on 2007/11/09 10:44 EDT )
So, in case you weren't aware, NaviSite is a huge webhosting company. My (now former) hosting company, apparently outsourced their hosting to Alabanza, which was bought and migrated (in a disasterous sort of way) by NaviSite to... something..., and screwed it up horribly, resulting in a 5 day outage, for me and around 200,000 other sites...

So, I've switched providers. I'm not particularly pissed off, in the scheme of things, it's unfortunate, but not horrible for me. There are plenty of people who are rightly furious, however....

If you are seeing this, then my transition was successful and here I am.

Minor update
( Posted on 2007/11/08 08:00 EDT )
Wow! Has it really been that long?! I am still doing stuff, but minor update for now. Fixed my email address, which has been broken for quite a while... sorry about that. My email provider broke it, and I forgot I posted it here.

Long time no update!
( Posted on 2005/11/20 22:19 EDT )
I've finally released a new-to-you version of MULE, V0.06.

I've also released a binary version of my "assembly line" game. Found here.

I've also added a whole new section! I don't know about you (of you programmers out there), but I tend to run into quite a bit of stuff I want to understand better, and need to put together some test code to try it out. So, anywhere I go, I always have quite a few "test" directories with code trying out this or that feature of a language or library or whatnot. I decided to share this with the world, so here it is. There will be more coming.

Assembly Line v0.04 for Linux
( Posted on 2005/06/05 11:26 EDT )

M.U.L.E. 0.05 for Linux
( Posted on 2005/05/13 18:21 EDT )
Another version is available. This fixes a glaring crash bug. Not sure why it didn't bite me... Visit the downloads page to grab a copy.

M.U.L.E. for Linux
( Posted on 2005/05/08 23:08 EDT )
I don't know why I started working on it, but I've finished the bulk of a Linux/SDL port of the game M.U.L.E. Everything seems to work (as best as I can tell, since I've never actually played the original...), but sound is a little weak. Visit the downloads page to grab a copy.

More genetic algorithms
( Posted on 2005/03/23 21:35 EDT )
I recently went on vacation, and I spent some time thinking. I put together some designs for a plant genetic algorithm. Part of the design calls for a pollination mechanism, which requires some testing in it's own right. So, I have put together a test program. See my programming projects for details.

Finally... DDR Mat, mk 4 & 5.
( Posted on 2005/03/12 11:25 EDT )
So much for "a few days..."

I finally got my pad to a point where it satisfies me. The buttons are very responsive, easy to repair, and look good. See my DDR page for details.

DDR Mat, mk 4 and 5. Grand Theft Auto Tools
( Posted on 2004/08/08 21:03 EDT )
In a few days, I'll post pictures and info on my last two versions of my DDR mat. The important bits are that mk 4 sucked badly, and that 5 is shaping up nicely.

In addition, I'll be adding some stuff about my current project. I'm building some GTA tools. The problems with the current tools is that they are all windows based (of course) and that they are all (or mostly) GUIs. So, I'm building my own set. Even if I don't generally release all the tools, I will at least include REAL documentation about all the file formats, particularly since the stuff that is available sucks.

GA info, with pictures
( Posted on 2004/07/04 23:11 )
I've added a small update, and a screenshot on my programming projects . I've been working on some genetic algorithms, and genetic creatures.

Updated my DDR mat, Mark 3!
( Posted on 2004/05/05 18:14 )
After re-igniting my passion of DDR, I finally finished Mark 3 of my hard mat. Look here for the pictures.

Added karate vocabulary test
( Posted on 2004/04/29 23:39 )
I've recently finished an initial version of a vocabulary test tool, primarily for me, for my karate studies. Look here for the test.

Updated spaceship game info, added screenshots
( Posted on 2004/04/17 13:05 )
Added a couple of screenshots for my "spaceship game". See programming projects for more info.

Added Quickfont
( Posted on 2004/03/20 19:32 )
Released Quickfont. See downloads to download a copy. It's a simple font display class, conceptually based on KBFLite.

Created tool page
( Posted on 2004/03/05 10:54 )
Released a xcf2png tool, and created tools page.

Minor Project Update
( Posted on 2004/03/03 17:50 )
Updated my "whoami" and poetry pages.

Tsukaito wrapping
( Posted on 2004/02/15 08:40 )
I recently rewrapped the hilt of a sword for a fellow student at my karate school.

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